We believe the future of the operating room lies in the hands of the empowered surgeon. They are bolstered with complete control, renewed confidence, and technology adaptable to any situation encountered.


Our Maestro System delivers this empowerment, resulting in improved operating room efficiency and surgical care for patients - We are using tomorrow's technology to change surgery today.



Our blended French-American team is passionate about building the future. Together we are pushing the boundaries in a fast-paced yet focused and deliberate environment.

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Anne Osdoit


Partner, Sofinnova Partners

Serial MedTech entrepreneur

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Brian Kutner

VP Operations

Director of Systems Manufacturing Engineering, Auris Health

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Jeff Alvarez


1st employee, Auris Health

Adv. Development, Hansen Medical

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Dave Noonan


Dir. Robotics, Auris Health

PhD Medical Robotics

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Benjamin Topper

VP Corporate Operations and Growth

Finance, Alan


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Dan Wallace

Ex-Intuitive, Ex-Auris Health

Founder, Hansen Medical

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David Schummers

Ex-Auris Health

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Pr. Brice Gayet


General Surgeon


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Gérard Hascoet


Venture Partner, Sofinnova Partners

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Tamir Meiri

Board Member

Director, Venture Investments at Johnson & Johnson Innovation

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Alan Au

Board Member

Partner, GT Healthcare

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Mark Toland

Independent Board Member


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Frederic Moll

Board Advisor

Chief Development Advisor, Johnson & Johnson Robotics

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Stephen Oesterle

Board Advisor

Venture Partner, Cathay Capital


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Your Team is Your Product by Anne Osdoit

Let's start by speaking openly about what I think it takes to join and thrive in a start-up. 

I believe it takes grit, nimble thinking, and perseverance to build something from the ground up. Uncertainty is around every corner. It is not for everyone...

Three Startup Lessons from my early days at early Auris by Jeff Alvarez

Eleven years ago, on June 11th, was my official start as the first employee of Auris Health. Eight years later, Auris was bought by Johnson & Johnson for a total deal package of $6.2Bn including earnouts; the largest med-tech acquisition...

Moon Surgical and the empowered surgeon by Anne Osdoit

To be a great fighter pilot takes a lot more than just the confidence depicted in the movies. Fighter pilots must have situational awareness. They must have an accurate mental picture of their position, velocity, and status in both time and space, and they need identical information on other aircraft... 

Grabbing the wheel : from Philippe Mouret to Moon Surgical by Anne Osdoit

In the early spring of 1987, a private practice surgeon in Lyon, France, took a leap that changed surgery forever. It impacted our surgical instruments, how our operating theatres are organised, and how our clinical procedures are performed...

Robotic assisted surgery and the barrier limiting its adoption by Anne Osdoit

The surgical robotics industry is on fire…. in a good way. Just this year, we saw massive fundraising by Memic ($96MM), CMR ($600MM), and Vicarious ($1.1Bn).One of the main drivers of this growth is the success of Intuitive Surgical, founded in 1995...


Moon Surgical reaches the final of the 2022 MedTech Innovator Grand Prize

October 20th, 2022

Moon Surgical Raises $31.3 Million to Accelerate Development of Maestro

Robotic System

June 7th, 2022

Moon Surgical and King's College London Announce Strategic Partnership to Develop Machine Learning for Computer-Assisted Surgery
March 23rd, 2021

Moon Surgical (formerly MastOR) announces appointment of experienced core team to accelerate development Surgery
January 13th, 2021

MastOR secures seed funding from Sofinnova Partners to develop its laparoscopy assistance platform
July 2nd, 2020


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